We select and manage your investments with two equally important goals in mind: wealth preservation and long-term growth. We do this by adhering to the following principles:

  • Practical Solutions. Before choosing complex solutions to investment issues, we evaluate the simple ones. The more complex the strategy, the more difficult and costly it is to reverse course.
  • Broad Diversification. Maximizing returns while minimizing risks requires exposure to all asset classes. Finding the correct mix of assets in a portfolio is more important than selecting¬†any individual investment. Wealth is most quickly lost by concentrating it on only one or a few investments.
  • Independent Research. Extensive and unbiased research is the foundation for all of our investment recommendations.
  • Market Expertise. Multiple perspectives provide value. Our investment approach includes selection of money managers with specific areas of expertise and success in various investment styles, industries, issuers, and geographic regions.
  • Measuring Performance. Based on clearly defined goals and objectives, we consistently monitor the performance of your investments. We ensure that investments are meeting appropriate benchmarks and that each continues to serve its purpose in the portfolio as a whole.
  • Long-Term Perspective. Investing requires patience, discipline, and flexibility. Changes in the global market should cause neither emotional stress nor excessive optimism, but instead may create new investment opportunities.

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