Legacy Planning

Philanthropy and estate planning play important roles in wealth management. Since wealth makes a difference, we pay special attention to the following areas:

  • Value-Based Decisions. When evaluating potential philanthropic partners and estate planning solutions, we first ensure that your values will be honored.
  • Financial Advantages. Your giving and wealth transfer plans may provide substantial tax benefits to your estate, but the rules involved can be complex. We coordinate with tax and legal professionals to advise you on the best structure to maximize the financial benefits.
  • Performance. Gifts are investments in causes and people we care for. Though the return on that investment can be difficult to measure, some organizations are more efficient than others. We assist you in conducting due diligence to ensure your gifts perform up to your expectations.
  • Preparing Beneficiaries. Education greatly increases the chances of sustaining wealth across generations. Preparing beneficiaries for an inheritance is an important part of legacy planning, so that your family‚Äôs values are instilled in the next generation. We not only guide the transfer of wealth, but also maintain a relationship with your beneficiaries to preserve the essence of your legacy plan.

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